How To Extract The Last Two Minute Reports

The NBA’s Last Two Minute (L2M) reports are intended to be a transparent analysis of referee performance at the end of close NBA games. Having started on March 1st of 2015, they have been publicly available on the section of the NBA’s website. Being publicly available is not the same thing as easily accessible or user friendly. These reports are scattered across their website (with a few games hidden) and in PDF format for the majority of games. The NBA did make a major improvement after the 2019 NBA All-Star game in switching away from PDF format for the... [Read More]
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Updating The Last Two Minute Reports

Since the NBA began their Last Two Minute Reports (L2M) on 2015-03-01, there have been 1,934 games which have received referee grades for at least their last two minutes of NBA action. While the general public may not understand the purpose of the L2Ms, the NBA provides a FAQ for why L2Ms exist: What is the purpose of issuing Last Two Minute Reports? L2Ms are part of the NBA’s ongoing effort to build a greater awareness and understanding of the rules and processes that govern our game. Additionally, it serves as a mechanism of accountability to our fans and the... [Read More]
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Backing Out 2016-17 NBA Financials

As I was casually looking through and viewing the panels and videos of the Sloan Sports Analytics Conference the other weekend, I realized a common theme for the 2018 Conference to the previous ones. For the NBA, there were plenty of applications of analytics1 to player evaluations, injuries, in-game strategies, and ticket pricing. All of these topics were present in 2018 as they have been throughout the conference’s lifetime. However, there was only limited discussion of the NBA’s Salary Cap and any analytical applications applied to the Salary Cap was non-existent. Panelists certainly know about the Salary Cap as this... [Read More]
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Navigable CBA

If you’re interested in reading the NBA’s Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), then go to here immediately. If not, continue reading. The NBA’s CBA is a 598 page legal document that details the labor practices between the NBA and its players. Not only is it a lengthy document, but one that is complicated by an immense amount of self-referencing. Almost every portion of the document references some other section, which can get fairly complex if you cannot remember what the referenced section pertains to. Its structure is supposed to follow a syntax,1 but it turns out that it this is not... [Read More]
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Welcome, this site is meant to host various information related to NBA’s Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), the economics of the NBA, and/or the Atlanta Hawks. If you are looking for opinionated content, then you will be disappointed by this site. The goal is to provide explain issues within the NBA, disperse information, and provide insight that may not be available elsewhere. Hopefully, you will be a bit more knowledgeable from some aspect of this site. This site does not necessarily replace anything I have written over at Peachtree Hoops or imply I will not write over there. One reason for... [Read More]
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