Article 26 TEAM RULES

26.1 Establishment of Team Rules.

Each Team may maintain or establish rules with which its players shall comply at all times, whether on or off the playing floor; provided, however, that such rules are in writing, are reasonable, and do not violate the provisions of this Agreement or the Uniform Player Contract.

26.2 Notice.

Any rule(s) established by a Team pursuant to Section 1 above shall be provided to the Players Association prior to the distribution of such rule(s) to that Team’s players.

26.3 Grievances Challenging Team Rules.

The Players Association may file a Grievance challenging the reasonableness of a rule established by a Team pursuant to Section 1 above, and the Team’s imposition of discipline on a player for a violation of such rule, within thirty (30) days from the date upon which the imposition of such discipline on the player became known or reasonably should have become known to the player. No ruling by the Grievance Arbitrator finding a Team rule unreasonable may be applied retroactively as to any player other than the player on whose behalf the Grievance was filed.